1.  How far in advance should I schedule my session? 

I usually tell clients that they should schedule their session at least four weeks in advance.  This allows you enough time to keep your calendar open and prepare accordingly.  This also allows you to plan outfits, locations, and make sure schedules are free.  I also want to make sure that we are taking the time to enjoy the session without feeling rushed because we have other commitments that same day. 

2.  What can I expect from my session? 

Before the session I will take the time to get to know you and your family.  If we do not meet in person I will send you a few questions to get more comfortable with one another when we do meet.  You can expect that your session will be relaxed and enjoyable.  I take a calm approach to getting photographs.  While we will do some posing, I find that capturing moments is best done when I am watching the family interact and be themselves.  You will be surprised at the candid shots we get during your session if you aren't too worried about getting everyone to "perfectly" smile.  


3.  What type of editing will you do to my images?

Adjustments in lighting, color correction, size, and minor skin adjustments are standard.  Anything not deemed standard will be address during the portfolio preview and make require an additional fee if client is interested in significant skin adjustments.  Examples will be shown to the client and fee must be paid before that service is rendered due to the time commitment.

4.  How long until I get my pictures? 

Currently I tell clients that they can expect their pictures in about three-four weeks time.  Some seasons are much busier than others and the editing schedule will be adjusted due to that.  I take a very thorough approach to editing.  After the editing is complete, we schedule a time to review your portfolio together.  I like to be able to sit with my clients and review their session and address any questions they may have.  Once we review the session, you then have time to share them with your family before you select your final images.  You are making an investment, one that will bring joy to your lives for years to come, and by taking my time you will get the best memory possible on paper.  I am willing to rush orders, however, there is a fee of $150.00 to have them done in less than a week.  Corporate shots, companies and sports teams the fee is variable depending on the size of the shoot. 

5.    What rights do I have to my pictures?

After you have purchased the images, you have the right to reprint images for your personal use. However, you may not sell your images for a profit or publish your images without the written consent of Ginnie Coleman Photography.  In return, Ginnie Coleman Photography has the right to publish your photos for advertisements and portfolio purposes. Further information regarding picture rights will be included in your purchase file.

6.  Can I save images off your website?

Images that I post on this website are for viewing only.  However, that doesn't keep people from saving them and using them.  If you elect to do this, please know that I will not allow images to be used without my permission and action will be taken.  Images are for general viewing purposes only and are not to be used for personal or commercial use.  Please respect the photographer and her work by purchasing the images.

7.  Where is your studio located?

I shoot natural light, on site and in studio.  I have studio space in downtown Des Moines close to Mercy Hospital.  The studio offers three different settings as well as a loft area.  

8.  What is your cancellation policy?

  GCP is happy to accommodate schedule changes and once a deposit is paid your session is available indefinitely.  However, due to schedule commitments by GCP any cancellations will forfeit their initial deposit, so please plan accordingly. 


9.  Can I see all the images you take?  What about the raw files?

Currently GCP does not offer image selection for clients for all of the files.  GCP will select the best images she feels capture the essence of the session and then will allow the client to select the number of images they have purchased.  Due to the nature of size of raw files, GCP does not share them with clients.  Images are edited into .jpg format and then given to clients. 

10.  Are you insured?

Yes.  Ginnie Coleman Photography is insured under Platinum Nines LLC, DBA Ginnie Coleman Photography.  As a business owner, I value my clients and my work, therefore I maintain current coverage at all times.  I also carry insurance through Professional Photographers of America which I am a current member.  


11.  Why should I choose GCP?

Photography is very subjective.  There are a lot of wonderful professional photographers in the Des Moines area.  My best advice is to look through their portfolio and make sure the type of photography they do is in line with the vision you have for the images you want to adorn your walls for a lifetime.  Check out their editing style.  Make sure they are comfortable with both natural and artificial lights.  Are they insured?  Do they have references?  Just because someone buys a DSLR camera doesn't make them a professional.  It takes  A LOT of work to learn how to edit, compose, and take an image.  Find those who have some degree of professional affiliation because that tells you they are serious about their business.




We are always looking for that one perfect picture, but the true perfect picture is the one that makes it seem as if that moment in time is happening all over again.