Semi Geriatric

Jackie Joyner-Kersee once said "Age is no barrier.  It's a limitation you put on your mind."

When I asked Derrick to describe this regionals team in one word, he thought for a bit and then when he came back with Semi Geriatric, I couldn't help but laugh.

With this regional team that is certainly true.  This team is split evenly with 4 athletes under 30 and 4 over 30.  Two are what are considered Masters Athletes.  

When I asked Abi Reiland, Co-Owner of CrossFit 8035 on her thoughts about this teams semi geriatric status and how that contributes to success, she said  "It's about the mental edge.  At the end of the day, this is exercise and if it's not fun, what's the point.  When you are young it's easy to get caught up in the intensity and being hard on yourself.  The older athletes are able to bring the younger ones back to earth.  Helping them see that having a rough workout isn't the end of the world and that they are going to do their best out there even if that doesn't mean a first place finish. They also add perspective and a mature mentality that shows the younger athletes how to learn respect for their bodies.  They may push a little less and recognize the need for rest and know ways to avoid injury that younger athletes might not be too quick to do."

What I can tell you is that even with the geriatric jokes, the degree of respect and admiration these younger athletes have for their teammates is paramount.  They rely on the experience and leadership that come with age.  On the competition floor that means they can learn from that competitive drive that is prevalent and the ability to allow the fear of the unknown turn into the assurance that they will make it work, together.  That admiration doesn't just specifically equate to the competition floor either, but, in general, the perspective and insight they gain about life out of the gym helps keep them in check.  

It is said that age is just a number and in a CrossFit gym that couldn't be more true.  On an given day at CrossFit 8035 you'll find anywhere from age 9 to age 54.  Other boxes through out the metro have even older athletes step through their gym doors each day.  Elements are always scaled appropriately, but the fact is that they are always there putting in work that is hard.   And challenging.  So yes, in CrossFit age is just a number because anyone has the potential to do anything.

And that is exactly what is happening with this regionals team.  It may be fun and games to poke at their older team leaders, or their "Master's" status, or even laugh at the sounds of soreness and longer times it takes them to warm up and recover, but these athletes still go in there and kick ass.  Not only against their own goals, but against their younger teammates as well.  

Semi Geriatric isn't such a bad thing at CrossFit 8035.  It just means that the team they will be putting on the regionals floor is seasoned and wiser.  And believe me, if there is any competition that you need level heads, maturity, and direction, it will be there.   

CrossFit 8035....making #semigeriatric look good since March 4, 2013.



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