I recently asked a member of last years Regional Team what her word to describe this team would be.  She's competed with most of them and knows them all quite well.  This year she's been enjoying being a first time mom and so she wasn't able to be a part of the team for the 2017 season, but she has great insight into what this team is about.

"I think I am going to go with underestimated.  They underestimated themselves going into the open, but week after week proved to themselves that they belong in the top 15. Last year we finished the open outside the top 15 and made our way to Columbus because of people going individual. We went into regionals with zero expectations and at the bottom of the pack but quickly made a name for ourselves, took multiple top 10 finishes, PR'd during the snatch ladder, had he fastest split in a few pieces of workouts, etc. and as the weekend went on we once again realized we belonged on that floor. And I just remember hearing, when watching replays, the announcers say "if it weren't for a couple small mistakes, CrossFit 8035 would find themselves in the top 5." And that was an amazing feeling and made us realize we underestimated ourselves once again. And thru that underestimation comes confidence and strength. And that is this team."

I couldn't agree more.  And I think that the same underestimation they experienced last year carried into this year.  

Each day is a new surprise when they see what they are capable of.  Each time they train together they see what can happen when you put 6 people together who have been underestimated.  

You can underestimate the gym, you can underestimate the people, you can underestimate the training, but you can't underestimate the spirit.  And it's that small factor that makes those who are underestimated, succeed.

We are always looking for that one perfect picture, but the true perfect picture is the one that makes it seem as if that moment in time is happening all over again.