A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

At one point or another many of you have come to learn and understand balance in a variety of scenarios.  Teamwork isn't any different.  

What makes this team work is an efficient balance of attributes that ensure their success.  They all know their role, but what they may not know is what their coaches and peers see in them.    

Amy - I like to think of amy as the ultimate role model. Everyone looks up to her! Her experience and work ethic are second to none. She's a competitive athlete, mother, wife, business owner, director of a gym. She does more than manages it all....she excels and people notice. Who wouldn't look up to this woman!?

Derrick - Easily the most dedicated member of the team, has become a leader in comp class and on the team, always willing to coach members and share his knowledge.

Dani - Took herself to a top 100 athlete in the region this year with consistency and discipline despite her busy schedule as a full-time PT student. Leads by example when it comes to working hard on weaknesses until they become strengths.

Kyle - The quiet killer. Although he doens't say much or make big splashes in the gym when he PR's, he's doing it daily. Putting in the work. Consistently a strong teammate no matter what's asked of him.

Luke - The not quiet killer.  The proud papa of this group, Luke not only started 8035, the place we call home, but he helped grow each person on the team into the athlete they've become. Luke's athleticism and experience combined make him a integral part of the team.

KtMarie - It's one thing to move up a few places in the Open year to year, it's an entirely different thing altogether to jump 100's of spots in just 1 year. Fierce dedication, openness to coaching and a burning to be better are what make KtMarie an unstoppable force on the team.

Ryan - So strong & powerful yet has worked incredibly hard on the finesse gymnastics movements require. Ryan's dedication to the Army carries over into his daily dedication to his training.

Abby -in almost a year at 8035 has grown tremedously as an athlete in all aspects of her training. Her desire is unquestionable and her drive is unwavering.

Regardless of what happens this weekend, when you are confident in your team and you count on them, you know that the balance will be in perfect sync.  Success isn't always defined by what you achieve, but what how you put forth the effort.  One thing that I do know about each of these teammates is that they will make sure when they step on that competition floor, that it will be about the whole and not just the individual parts.  

That balance, while not perfect, will be equal.


We are always looking for that one perfect picture, but the true perfect picture is the one that makes it seem as if that moment in time is happening all over again.