The best thing about photographers is that they each have their own unique style.  Many prefer to working in natural light and unless they are absolutely solid in capturing the light (here' s a little clue: none are) this brings in the necessity of editing.  

The problem lies in using actions (which serve a valuable purpose to some extent) to completely overdo the picture making it turn out to be someone you might not even recognize.  Case in point my daughter.  Lovely in her own light, add in a few skin corrections and actions and I no longer recognize my little girl.

It's not that I don't edit, because I do.  In fact, I spend quite a bit of time creating my own editing style with curves, adjustments and the occasional retouch.  Some situations, not all, warrant certain actions.

I am also not saying one way of editing is better than the other.  I am just letting you know that there are a variety of ways that editing is done, and they are all done usually with the photographers ideas in mind.  What I want you to get from this, is that you as the client have the option to decide what style of pictures you want.  Do you want more natural looking photographs?  Do you want edgy?  Do you want minimal retouches?  Look around, view photographs on the web and get an idea of what you want your pictures to like.  Even though in the end the photographer has creative control, I guarantee both you and your photographer will both be pleased with the outcome of your pictures if you have a style in mind and you aren't afraid to let your photographer know that.

Hopefully you will find joy when looking back at a picture and you will remember all of the little things, those things that are truly captured in a photograph not made in a photograph, that are forgotten over time.  For me, it is remembering every little freckle, how dark her brown eyes really are and how flushed her skin gets whenever she starts moving around.  The joy is that I can look at the picture and know that it is of HER, not someone I think she should be.

We are always looking for that one perfect picture, but the true perfect picture is the one that makes it seem as if that moment in time is happening all over again.