Splendid Beauty

You may have noticed that I changed my logo a bit.  Well, not I, because I am not a graphic designer.  But I asked Sarah Infante of Graphicos Design to create one for me.

I knew I wanted a magnolia, scrollwork and a specific type of lettering.  She also added a photography element, an idea I loved.

Usually you see very simple logos.  Lettering is the mainstay, and there may be some scrollwork or shape clip arts.  And those are fine too.

But I wanted mine to reflect something important that also had meaning.

Magnolia is my favorite flower and tree for that matter.

Here are somethings you might not know.

Magnolia means splendid beauty, perseverance, dignity and nobility.  The fragrance of the magnolia flower is unparalleled.  The tree is one that exhibits beauty year round.

And that is the why I am a photographer. I truly see beauty in all forms and I love to be able to capture it.  To me, there isn't one beauty that is more superior than the others.  Beauty can be found everywhere and in everything, if we only look for it.

Capturing splendid beauty in the world around us is important to me and I hope that you will see it in the pictures I take too.


*If you are in need of a graphic designer, please contact Sarah at www.graphicosdesign.com.

We are always looking for that one perfect picture, but the true perfect picture is the one that makes it seem as if that moment in time is happening all over again.